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The expansion of hazelnut orchards and the associated processing and marketing during the past decade has developed a need for the establishment of a New Zealand Hazelnut Growers' Association.

The wealth of knowledge present within New Zealand is vast, from the 20 year old research orchard at Lincoln University, to the individual expertise of many growers. All of this knowledge is extremely important in insuring that the industry is as successful as is possible. It is also extremely important that all of our growers and processors have access to this pool of information.

The Hazelnut Growers Association consists of over 100 members ranging from Auckland to Invercargill. The total New Zealand plantings are in excess of 300,000 trees on over 400 ha.

Association Objectives

  • To promote research and encourage a domestic and overseas trade in hazelnuts.

  • To promote and commission scientific research in all matters relative to the hazelnut industry in New Zealand.

  • To facilitate, for the benefit of members, scientific, technical, and practical information about hazelnut production and processing.

  • To promote and provide, for members, conferences, field days, and workshops to further their knowledge about the growing and production of hazelnuts.

  • To promote an active liaison with other research organisations and Nut and Tree Associations.

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