Lincoln University trial block: plant growth and development

The weekend started at Lincoln University. Clive Kaiser, who has recently been appointed Associate Professor of Horticulture, talked us through plant responses to pruning and the influence of growth hormones and environmental factors.

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The Highs and Lows of High Density Orchards

Reproduced from 2018 Growers Handbook: Nut Growers Society of Oregon, Washington & British Columbia – 103rd Annual Meeting, January 18 2018, pp85-89

A panel discussion with Jeff Newton, Lance Kirk and Rich Birkmeier. Moderated by Jeff Choate (OSU Extension)

Summary (HGA editor)

US orchardists have been experimenting with double density planting since the 1970s. Trees are planted more closely together than the intended final spacing, to increase per-hectare yields while the trees are still growing to mature size. The temporary trees are removed once the trees start to grow together.

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North Island growers meetup

While the bulk of our growers are in the South Island (mainly Canterbury and Nelson regions) we have a fair few in the North Island – and more joining all the time.

Location of HGANZ members

In late 2022 a few asked about organising catch-ups with other near-by growers so that they can exchange information and just chat about hazelnuts.

As a group we have now had 2 meet-ups with various numbers of members being able to attend. These meet-ups have allowed members to connect with others near-by and to also ask questions and share their knowledge. For now they have all been online (using Zoom) but hopefully later this year an in person one can be organised.

Any North Island growers who would like to join in, just drop Paul an email –

One of the North Island growers is looking to create a list of what harvesting/processing equipment others in the North Island might have, with the aim of circulating it as both a source of information for others looking to purchase such equipment (nothing better than a review from a real user) and also to create an “open to borrowing/lending” register. If you are interested in sharing your equipment information then drop Peter an email at

International Hazelnut Congress 2022

The International Hazelnut Congress is the industry’s leading event to share advances in research and industry. In September 2022, the Congress will be held in Corvallis, Oregon (USA).

Invitation from the conveners:

The International Congress on Hazelnut has been organized every 4 years in different countries for over 30 years. Academics, researchers, farmers, private companies and governmental organizations from many countries attend the congress.

Topics of sessions:

  • Breeding, genetics, and germplasm
  • Biology, physiology, rootstocks, and propagation
  • Orchard management
  • Pests and diseases
  • Post-harvest handling and quality
  • Marketing, economics and policies
  • Status of hazelnuts in different countries

Abstracts will be published in an abstract book. Full-text papers will be published in Acta Horticulturae.

For more information, please visit the congress website, available at

See you in Corvallis (Oregon, USA) in 2022! – Feel free to spread the news and invite friends and colleagues to submit.

Survey – how organisational factors affect horticulture industries

Julio Botero, a tutor and PhD candidate at Lincoln University, is conducting a research project into factors affecting horticultural industry growth and has asked whether HGA members might answer a survey to contribute to his research:

Growers are being asked to participate in a survey as part of research project to help unlock growth in the horticulture industry. The survey is part of Lincoln University PhD student, Julio Botero’s, research project on the business factors that enable or restrict growth of horticultural businesses.

The survey will take 15 minutes to complete and asks questions about your business structure and preferred ways of operating. Having a range of grower input is crucial for ensuring that the results reflect the breadth of the industry.

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NZ industry update: Uncle Joes and Hazelz NZ

In 2021, two of New Zealand’s larger hazelnut processors changed ownership. Uncle Joes, located just outside Blenheim, is now owned and managed by Debbie Whiteside and Alan Crawford.  Hazelz New Zealand, near Christchurch, is now run by Shane McKenzie.

Over the next few newsletters, we’ll be introducing the new owners to you.

Debbie Whiteside & Alan Crawford – Uncle Joes

Please tell us a bit about your personal background.

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