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For new growers:

Hazelnuts are a relatively low maintenance crop that can provide good returns for growers or provide a valuable additional income source as part of a diversification plan.

Some things a new grower may want to consider include:

  • Climate – is it right for hazelnuts? Is there enough winter chill or rainfall?
  • Soil – free draining? clay heavy?
  • Shelter – are there existing shelter belts or do you need to plant them first?
  • Orchard design/layout – think about the land and how tree spacing and orientation might work
  • Irrigation – do you need irrigation?

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The HGANZ, with help from the Sustainable Farming Fund, has created a number of information bulletins to help new growers to get a good start in the industry. Additionally more information is available in the members only section and also through our regular member field days and online seminar series.

For Established Orchards