Where can I buy…?

Where can I buy New Zealand hazelnuts?

Many growers sell their hazelnuts at the farm gate, or at their local farmers’ market.

New Zealand hazelnuts are also available online. Click here for a list of processors selling New Zealand hazelnuts online.

Where can I buy hazelnut trees?

If you’re after two or three trees for your home garden, your local garden centre may be able to help.

For larger numbers of trees, you’ll need to contact a specialist nursery. Click here for a list of hazel tree nurseries in New Zealand.

I’m a grower, where can I sell my hazelnuts?

You can sell your hazelnuts direct to consumers, in person or online. You can also contact a processor to see if they’d like to purchase your crop.

Under the Food Act 2014, you must ensure your produce is safe to eat. We’ve developed guidance for HGA members about the Food Act and how it applies to hazelnut growers.