Chairman’s report 2003

By Keith Hanning

HGA newsletter, August 2003

I would like to give special thanks to past president David Murdoch, who has served the Hazelnut industry over many years, driving development, in an advisory capacity, and as a nurseryman. Also David Null, “Nutt Ranch” Marlborough. David compiles the newsletter and adds some very interesting technical and management details each issue.

The new committee is made up completely of enthusiastic hazelnut growers.

  • Secretary – Cristina Hansen is doing an MA at Lincoln University.
  • Treasurer – Bryan Thomas is a board member with the Hazelnut Company.
  • Bruce Lauder is a lecturer at the Polytechnic in Cromwell and hazelnut grower.
  • Murray Redpath is our North Island Representative and renowned nurseryman.
  • Bev Taylor is our SNGA Representative and grows and markets hazelnut products.
  • Jim Jolly is an organic hazelnut grower in Geraldine.
  • Bill Ellery grows, processes, and markets hazelnut products in the Christchurch area.
  • Alan Mathewson is a hazelnut grower in the Ellesmere area.

We are planning three field days this year. The first is on Sunday, November 9th, at Alan Mathewson’s property at 1:30 pm. Alan is a farmer who has taken a big leap from farming sheep and cattle in North Otago to buying a 3000tree orchard and has already planted 1200 more trees! He will speak about his operation and Ross Jamieson will add further information and answer questions. This is a great chance to look at a relatively new operation and meet other growers to share our ideas. 

Two other field days are planned. A visit to the Lincoln University orchard is to take place in February, and a look at two other properties in April. On the research side, Asst Professor Chapman of Lincoln University is collating all available information on Big Bud Mite and will make control recommendations. We are also keen to work at improving pollination performance and will study that research in the next year.

Keith Hanning