2023 AGM Chair’s Report

Last year we held another successful Winter Seminar Series with presentations on:

  1. An overview of the Australian Hazelnut industry
  2. Follow up on big bud mite spraying – Les McCracken
  3. The Oregon Hazelnut industry – Clive Kaiser
  4. Julio Bolero presented on his PHD results
  5. Murray gave an overview of his 40 years in the industry.

Recordings are available for members to view online.

With the easing of COVID restrictions we were able to hold an in-person field day in November visiting a number of orchards in Canterbury.  This included Clive Kaiser from Lincoln University providing some key thoughts around pruning and light penetration – resulting in a few members taking chainsaws to some trees to “see what happens”.  As part of this field day the committee got together and worked through a business plan for the Association to help push forward the industry over the next few years.

In September a working bee was held at Rose McDermott’s orchard to help her tidy up the trees ahead of selling the property, following the sad parting of her husband, Tim.  A big thank-you to all the members who turned up to help.

A very wet harvest season has made harvesting challenging in many parts of the country.  I feel for the horticultural industries in the Hawkes Bay and the Gisborne area that have really struggled with the impacts of cyclones and many heavy rain events.  My own experience was a very extended harvesting season and much work for the dryer.  However – surprisingly – it might be my second best harvest ever.

Committee – I would like to thank the members of the current committee for the time that they have put in during this year, Paul Rollin, Michael Petherick, Murray Redpath, Deb Whiteside, Grace McGowan, Ross Smith.   Alison Bentley who joined during the year and Sarah Shore for her work on the newsletter.

The full report is available here.